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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lost Luggage!

So, we jinxed you with the last question about lost luggage. Has your luggage arrived in Florence and how did you cope when it was MIA?

Well I coped sorta well:) it was 98 when I arrived and after 20 hrs 3 flight changes and a 8 min sprint thru amsterdam airport barefoot (gross and not easy) and another quick terminal change at cdg airport I was a bit sweaty and looking forward to a shower and changing for dinner. Hmmm, no luggage put a damper on my mood for a good 45 min. Then I rallied and headed to elio ferraro an amazing vintage store to find something beautiful. A very easy task. I found a silk lil top w/ cut out lapels, nipped in waist to wear w/ my levis just in case (they were unsure when my luggage would arrive). Great shoes and bags here but it was now 6pm and shops close @ 7 and I had a mission as I had a dinner meeting @ 8. I then headed to luisaviaroma (swoon!) Where I now had the perfect excuse to indulge. However, I had a mission so I compromised and bought for fall: stretch leather tunic w/ shoulder zip (so cool and a near death experience just putting on in that weather!) And a beautiful silk print mini courreges shape mini dress w/pockets. It was silk so not stiff but short and lil enough to wear now and with the shoes I had on (which now have destroyed my feet!! Wait, is that another excuse to indulge?)

Yes, hurt feet are always a reason to indulge. Buy some new shoes! 

Rumor has it you are staying in a pretty sweet hotel. Tell all, please!
I am staying at the hoel maria santa novella on the same square. It's a pretty hotel with all the upgrades but not as swanky as the website shows. Which is actually a better thing for me and quite comfy. I wake up to a clear view of the duomo, marble bath, yummy products and lots of wood. I could do without the red velvet headboard :)

Have you met David yet?

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