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Monday, July 19, 2010


these are the styles/cut/colors that have been chosen by you the readers.....ok, so, all these waves made me think that i needed to get a perm. i have some waves but not enough. 

i mentioned the 'p' word to a few friends and they were 'no, no, no' (except nicole who said go for it!) just use 'curlers'. 

ok, i'm sorry it's 2010 right? curlers? i had no idea that they were still used at home. i thought only in salons or in the movies or at grandmas house. 

for the last many years i've pretty much have had a straight bob with heavy bangs. sometimes chin length, sometimes shoulder length, sometimes angled, mostly straight. so i'm feeling like it's time for messy big hair. i'm looking at my fall collection of warm colors and cozy knits and feel like i want my hair to have way more movement and a bit more feminine as opposed to the chick in george michaels father figure video.

now, to perm or not to perm? curlers or no curlers? i've attached
an amazing photo my friend chris sent me and i must say....if i could rock curlers out in public (ok, like this even in private) AND have a bandage on my nose, well then no perm is needed. &'s always interesting.

what do you do to get ready for the next season?

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Anne said...

Ha! I love your straight hair, but I have waves. I guess you always want what you can't have. But, I say stay away from the perms. Maybe learn how to do pin curls? Those can be so pretty and wavy... wish we could trade hair for a day!