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Sunday, July 4, 2010

inspiration for packing for firenze................


i am leaving at noon tomorrow and was indecisive on what to pack! why? because it is 90 degrees in florence and it's been 55 here in portland for the last many months. ok, give or take a few days of 75. so i'm still quite pale and have not bared legs or arms for a very long time. so i hit some of my favorite blogs:
 and to get inspired. these bloggers have been traveling all over where it's been warm & it worked!!
here is my list of what i am packing for a 6 day trip to a very warm city (harder than a beach wardrobe) and when 2 of the days are on a plane:

souchi bamboo cardi in spices
souchi organic cotton bari l/s crew in natural
ports 1961 lingerie inspired slip dress (a la sophia loren!!)
jovovich hawk (ahh miss them!!) floor length summer dress w/ crotchet detail
souchi skinny bamboo yulia tank
sea cotton lace type top
christina lehr tanks....many
dolce & gabbana leopard wedges
spanish leather flats
martha davis wedges
coveted & drooled over ports 1961 fabric bag
bruce high waist pleated trousers
genetic perfectly faded & softly worn jeans w/ holes

ok, i think that should do it....better go pack. 
happy 4th to all of you


*fyi, this cool sheer mesh bag w/ st mary is a vintage dolce & gabbana of which i am lucky to also own, this photo inspired me to dig through my collection of bags and bring it with me :)

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s a m said...

navy blue is the color of italy apparently. Its a favorite of my palette too, maybe I'm channeling their flair!