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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

first souchi fashion question.........from san francisco mom

"I am admittedly totally out of the fashion loop which is why I am able to ask any and all "fashion" questions with absolutely no hint of embarrassment. So here goes...are empire waist dresses super over? 2nd question. If they are, how can I make them more current without trying too hard? Specifically, I have a really cute charcoal gray cashmere (yes, souchi) dress that has a wide boatneck, empire waist, and reallyreallyreally long, cute, cozy sleeves. Obi belt? Is that silly? Cropped sweater or jacket? The solution has to be easy as you know I am "fashion lazy".

hey san francisco! 

ok, so here's my feeling about empire waist: a true classic! from shakespeare thru breakfast at tiffanys thru the 70's with chloe (et all) to betsy johnson lycra to missoni to current souchi (and thru spring 2011) and ports 1961. it's a fashion staple for icons: audry hepburn, talitha getty, nicole ritchie, etc. all souchi images below and ports 1961 are available for fall!!

if you're a bit over wearing it the same way i'd say pick a cool sash (see giselle dress below) and put the top of the sash at the empire seem to make the seam appear a bit lower. i'd say something very simple: gross grain or silk cord or my favorite skinny leather belt by johnny farah (coming late august).

so the moral: wear what you love and are comfortable in. an accessory or belt can alter anything. here are some images to inspire you to bust it out and feel free to be lazy :) BUT DO NOT WEAR BABY DOLL STYLES....i don't want to see those for a very very long time!


icon: audry

chloe 2008
nicole ritchie....

ports 1961
souchi spring 2010

souchi spring 2010


Anonymous said...

Hey...I think I have a long black cashmere belt that might work!

Also, remind me that I needneedneed that dress that CW is wearing as well as the Lydia. XX

Anonymous said...

what is the difference between empire and baby doll?

suzi johnson said...

that would work!
she's wearing the anne sophie dress. one left in that exact color...size if you're needing it. super cute for fall with tights. check out marc jacobs and louis vuitton for swing skirts this season. x

suzi johnson said...

well empire is a seam above the waist. traditionally closer to under the bust. baby doll, seems to be mid way between bust and waist and tends to have no shape. i'm not a fan of it in most textiles because it tends to add weight but people tend to think it makes them look smaller.....not true! adds weight and gives you a square shape. i don't happen to find a square attractive. i have named some of my styles 'baby doll' in the past because they are looser thru the mid section. but i find in knits they are more flattering because they skim the body.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Panel dress by Ports 1961 is beyond perfection.... takes me to a classier time when dresses ruled!