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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the incredible winifred grace meets souchi...............we love!

so those of you familiar with my store or website know i love winifred grace. her pieces of jewelry are pretty, cool, eclectic & unique. people seem to feel they have a great 'summer feel'. i can see what they mean, BUT, i love winifred grace with knits. 

i am so fortunate that she felt the same! in fact, liked my stuff enough to reach out and ask if i'd be interested in loaning her some souchi for her look book. ummm, YES! 

so here are some of our favorite images. it's a nice marriage, don't you think? check out and take advantage of our 20% off site wide only sale. use: sitewidesale20% now thru june 11 to take advantage. discount is not available in store or by phone...web only.

thank you winifred for an amazing collection & the honor to be part of your marketing campaign.

suzi souchi

getty turban & donatella dress
*we are getting some of these bracelets this summer!!

rib waist plunge dress
*we're getting this necklace & cuff this summer

trina cardi cape
we are getting both of the navy necklaces and the coral one. love.

organic classic cardi in porcini
*we're getting the necklaces in the summer

nico mini dress, trina cardi cape, organic cotton tiny cami, rib waist plunge dress
getty & donatella, organic cotton classic cardi w/ sash, lauren pocket tank.

*fyi, we are getting the large bib necklaces in leather!! they are incredible!!

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