the souchi story

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

basalt.......may 17

wow! today feels like quite a lot of mini accomplishments followed by a gigantic, 'are you kidding me!' 

today started with a early wake up from sweet jack at 5:27 am...not bad since he's almost sleeping through the night. but, having washed my hair and gone to sleep with it wet, my hair was quite crazy. i realized living in a small town, in a loft above the towns fave bakery with a puppy leaves no room for vanity. so bad hair, pj bottoms, supermaggie tee and my (and i think now jacks) favorite julia, (did i mention crazy bangs?) and head out to take sweet jack out to potty. sure enough, i see jessie, cute girl from the bakery who has an adorable dog. we say hi and chat a bit about how it's going with the store & (if i ever need help buying clothes she's in) i say i'm exhausted...

we go back inside and i'm hoping for another hour (at least!!) of sleep. sweet jack gives me till 7:43. i love him!!! then the puppy attack begins....licks, bites, chewing on t-shirt, necklace, hands, nose, etc. i give in and give him my attack of love & kisses and belly rubs and we start our morning routine: food & water, playing with all his toys and learning to bring me them. instead he likes to go get them and take to his bed to gather all of them. then another potty break. then jack takes a 20 minute nap and i sneak in the shower (not easy since the pipes are really loud) and i get out and jack wants to lick my toes. he goes back to sleep & i have breakfast, check emails & get dresses. we are out the door at 9. NEVER, have i taken this much time to leave in the morning but i'm going to try and embrace it. 

it's 9 am and i go to the bakery to get my tea & jessie says, 'you're awake now & i love your hair'. i laugh and say, well you did see it at it's worst. she says, no i love how crazy the bangs were. with tea in hand, i go to meet the painters then head to carbondale, glenwood & el jebel to look for furniture for the store. it's amazing how long it takes to look for things when you have no idea where you are. i scored an incredible table & had it delivered by noon. i also found a cool leather stool in souchi blue (a sign????) but still looking for a big chair and maybe a bench....maybe thursday. 

the bakery & my loft above it. i have 2 balconies. it's a cute place. 

also, managed to find jack a great pet store, new raw mini bones that he is freaking out over. it's so funny how long it takes a puppy to get thru one. the pack of 10 could last 6 months!
how much is that sleepy dog in the window?

i'm back in time to get a call that comcast will be at my house at 3 & the security alarm people will be at the store at 4. so, time for lunch for me and jack and some more playing. i get a call at 1:45 from the painters saying my 'white paint is 'more purple grey' so we need you to come approve. what? 5 hr later and how is flat white purple grey? so, yes, it's purple grey. we need to stop, go to a closer paint store and start over. the guys figured they'd come back tomorrow but.....mean suzi stepped forward with a bit of the 'hell to the no' (so wish i could really say that!) and said, 'no, it must be done tonight, no exceptions'. 

comcast calls & running late. but, hey, they called. security calls, running late. so i head back to look for more furniture, then home to meet comcast (85 minutes!!! due to an unusual problem. um, not unusual to ANYONE who knows me...this is usual for me! then i rush over to the store to check on painting & then get a call security is still behind schedule. 

i decide to head to tempranillo for a much needed big glass of wine & some bruschetta with goat cheese, honey and carmelized onions. all is right in the world again. meet aspens fashion photographer for basalt means souchi is off to a good start....or so i hope. 

it's now 6pm and i bring painters pacifico and said bye to them. one will be back tomorrow to hang the rest of my racks and put back all the electrical covers. then i say bye to the security technician and AHHH i am home at 7. 
store pre-painting (but i am keeping this blue venetian plaster wall)

luckily my missing boxes arrived from ups that the studio sent me from portland. this was good because one box was my fave 20 souchi sweaters & my 6 favorite pairs of shoes! can you imagine my fear? the other had all my kitchen stuff: cook books, slow cooker, etc. SADLY, this box was trashed! the slow cooker ceramic pot crumbled, my wine glasses/bowls/juice glasses (packed in bubble & paper) were all trashed.

the real bummer? i had gone to the market and bought a whole chicken so i could slow cook a delicious meal. arghhhhhhh

meanwhile, looking forward to interviewing future souchi girls and boys tomorrow and my first dinner with new friends: bbq of steaks & wine. yum

it's bedtime. afterall, i will be up in about 6 hours for potty breaks with jack

is it funny that jack has 2 beds and mine still hasn't arrived?


nathalie said...

Dear Suzi, I love reading your blog! And Jack is such a lucky little boy! Thank you for your great stories.

irvinecraig said...

Congratulations Suzi!!!! Looks like a perfect spot for a new store.

Anne Zimmerman said...

I love the souchi life. I think Colorado is good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Suzi it sounds like you are at peace and enjoying this new adventure. Of course Jack is learning to be spoiled and adorable. You are both so lucky to have each other. Enjoy the new friends......I love blue wall great color...