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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

basalt.......may 18

ahhhh, i loved today. store is painted, mannequins arrived, clothes hung (but waiting for 12 more boxes of souchi spring!!) i had 5 interviews for potential souchi guys and gals and 2 more tomorrow. hoping to find an array of personalities. jack was so much fun and drawing lots of attention as usual. tomorrow is my day to merchandise, do displays, get flowers & spruce up for my first day of opening souchi basalt. i am nervous and excited at the same time. wish us luck!! i will post pics tomorrow when i finish & before the friday opening.

here is the before picture of the store.

today, i met 3 more people and had dinner with some new friends at the riverside cafe. it is casual, fun and right on the river. which was incredible because it was freezing tonight & expected to snow. the river was rushing by and sounded beautiful. fyi, i didn't pack a jacket since i didn't expect snow in may!

evening started at a wine tasting at basalt wine & then dinner at riverside. to start (running tomorrow) with truffle fries with aioli & i had buffalo tacos. yummy! good conversation, new friends, yummy food & red wine. again, all is right in the world tonight.

fyi, today was jacks first evening alone for 2 1/2 hrs. i was very nervous but my baby was a trooper.

*outfit: genetic faded skinny jeans, isabel suede boots, audry pullover & the new beanie (a girl needs good hair even in snow/rain!)



Anonymous said...

sounds like a wonderful yummy evening especially the buffalo tacos? of course Jack was a trooper.....can't wait to see pictures.....wish i was there to run around with you and hold my grandson.

christine said...

Sounds like a great day in a beautiful new home. Kisses to Jack