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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my faves from the met gala 2011...........

i love seeing the images of all the fashion girls & celebs who attend the met gala event each year. this year it was directed towards the late alexander mcqueens savage beauty. i am still saddened by mcqueens death. he was a true talent, with the most amazing vision and impeccable delivery on the runway but somehow the fantasy translated to everyday.....well to the perfect day. 

here's the thing: 

1) it's the met gala......if you can't step it up to the fantastic then why go.
2) i don't want to see a boring pretty dress! i see that in my everyday life. i want to see all the couture. 
3) this is mcqueens night so come on! really a slip dress? a simple beaded dress? 

you may not like my choices but, understand. this is fashions night and it's in honor of the late and amazing alexander mcqueen so no time to be timid. if you're going to do classic then you better have something to stop the attention of all the on lookers (well done gwenyth paltrow!!) 

so here is what i loved......
anna della russo is perfection. yes, it's a bit of a matador but come on, this is fashion and very few can pull this off as a complete look.  but, can't you imagine the pants with a black cashmere tank?
and those shoes!!!

daphne guinness is a woman who loves fashion. this dress is breathtaking! look at the movement! and really she's able to run in so cool.

this is how you do simplicity. stunning legs, skin, hair, body and just the perfect amount of shimmer. 
however, i think diane kruger is a girl who could have pulled off a mini black
lace vail...not as extreme as the runway....but a lil something would have been great.

this just makes me happy! the color, the cut, the shoes & ginnifer goodwins pixy crop cut.
it's modern, fun & stands out. in fact i just noticed gisele was in the photo behind her.
you know you're dressed well if it takes a bit to notice giselle!

gwenyth paltrow in a simple long crew neck dress. however, the high slit, very low back and shiny hair, shoes & dress make it pretty.
*i am loving her return to classic beauty

ok.....rhianna, i can do without the long red braid. but, the black lace dress with dramatic fishtail is a nod to the glamour and drama of mcqueen so i like it. plus, look at that bum!!!

here is what i didn't like. again, not because it wasn't pretty, but this is not a dinner party or a pre-award show.....
gisele, no doubt is stunning & one of the most beautiful women in the world with the most insane body (it's true i saw her at a party in la once and could not believe it!!) but this is just too simple.
i liked last years choice of the sapphire sequin mini dress better.

too simple, too bridesmaid and the accessories also boring.....that bag??? the bangs???

ok, sjp is an incredible fashion girl with an incredible petite body and we all know she proved as carrie bradshaw she can wear anything! however, this mcqueen dress was just wrong for her. the color on her is drap, the hair is matronly & i want sjp to have accessories. after all, i spent a fortune on shoes while watching her show!

salma is one of the sexiest women in the world and i just don't get this dress. the enormous rosette on the hip & the sheer fabric is just too boring. AND, i actually love this color on people but this just makes me sad.

and this......well i love the beauty of the dress but i say:

1) wrong girl
2) wrong hair
3) wrong accessories
4) no no no no just wrong

i see this dress on cate blanchet!! why? because it would be all about the dress, gorgeous skin, simple hair & probably no accessories. ahhhhhh
here, it's just a mess and i don't believe this was sara burtons vision for mcqueen.

do you agree or disagree?


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