the souchi story

Monday, May 9, 2011

why is there a smile on my face non stop again?...............................

you all know how broken i was when i lost my sweet billy 2 months ago. it was shocking and devastating and left me gutted. so, the thought of a smile or a new dog seemed like down the road....maybe summer i was thinking. but, then the opportunity of opening a new store outside of aspen, the idea of living part time in a mountain town made me re-think the 'maybe in the summer' thing.

so, thanks to kat, a friend from boot camp (who found her sweet lula) and mentioned, quite casually, about the other 8 puppies available. well, and about 6 hours later i decided to open the email and well, it was love at first site......jack had to be mine.

please meet jack, my reason for smiling. love love love.


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