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Monday, May 16, 2011

365 days in basalt...........................................may 15

i had a crazy idea about 5 weeks ago......why not open a pop up shop in aspen, co. i assumed september-january but soon realized that, surprisingly, is not the best season for aspen! who knew? it actually is june-september. so i hit up a store i've sold to (pre-economic disaster) and we did a trunk show so i could check out aspen and look at spaces and see if i was crazy enough to do something like this.

turns out i'm even crazier. the store i loved in aspen (victorian cottage.......dreams of the house of souchi went wild in my swelling head) but it was off the beaten path & word is aspen folks like their path. again, who knew? so, 2 days later, i decide against the house of souchi (ummm, economy woes wins) BUT i was offered a cool space in a small mountain town in basalt, co. 

yes, basalt you may ask? well it's 12 miles down the mountain from aspen & about 6 miles from snow mass. it's very cute, charming and small. but, the store was cute, space the right size and if you listen closely you can hear the rushing water in the creek behind the store. you'll also hears tons of dogs as basalt puts portlands love of dogs to shame. it's crazy! 

i decided to take the space, spend a year in a mountain town, and see if we could bring the souchi love to the mountain. it's crazy, fun, unexpected and i have for sure had a few 'wtf' moments (at least twice a day to be honest). 

now, to add to the craziness: i had one month to move, pack up & ready myself for a move. oh, and what the hell, why not bring a 8 wk puppy. yes, jack was a trooper for the 20 hr drive and i've got the pics to prove it. he just wasn't so great at night after he had slept all day and i needed to sleep. we weren't friends for a bit, but our love is back. he's the spoiled child i expected to have and he seems quite content with that.

so here are a few pictures of aspen and what made me decide to do this souchi mountain girl thing!!

stay tuned for my daily blog of my happenings in basalt, aspen, jack, the store, and hopefully making a few friends!!


2 airlines & tiny, fast & easy. love love love the lil planes

aspen mountain in april!
so pretty.
fyi, i don't know how to ski, snow board or anything snow related!

horse carriage ride thru town

the gondala lift is right at the base of the town so you can literally ski into shops

even the statues wear sweaters!!
fyi, i tried rotating this 3 times! argh

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