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Saturday, May 21, 2011

basalt, may 20

 finally.....souchi basalt is open! granted it only took 4 1/2 days but still i am so excited. just in time for 45 degree rainy weather. however, tomorrow is suppose to be 73 so i am hopeful the sun is just around the corner. there is talk of the river flooding because of all the snow aspen & snow mass have had. it appears i can't get away from the rain. 

so here are the first shots of my new store...after meltdowns, stress outs, overwhelming sensations of can i really do this, etc. here you go.......lots of walks, running, yoga and maybe meditation to chill me out a bit :) how do you guys relax? de-stress? 

here is the store originally when i looked at the space & below are the changes i made: white walls, new furniture, lighten &  brighten.  i did keep the blue plaster wall and the chandelier since i had no time to find the right lighting. 



Anonymous said...

It is awesome. Truly souchi style and quality. Wishing you lots of wonderful sunshine and lots of success....

christine said...

The store is beautiful. Can't wait to come visit.