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Sunday, May 22, 2011

first full sunday in basalt, may 22............

today was a great day! it started with jack waking me up at 2am & 5am but NOT again until 9:10am! yippee i can't remember the last time i slept in that late. so we were up and outta the house on our first long walk. we headed up the creak (stream? river?) to the hillside homes. it was so much fun, sun was out & it was kinda warm so i had to lose the souchi funnel cardi cape. while i dropped half my chai tea (a morning ritual) because jack loves the smell and jumps and jumps causing my hand to jerk and spill a lot of it. i also indulged in a buttermilk biscuit from midland baking company and i must say it was the BEST biscuit i have ever had. so so good!

on the way back my sweet sweet friend marywynn called and we both actually indulged in a long phone conversation. it meant a lot as she has so little free time as it is. i miss her very  much. not to mention, my skin is missing her magic hands. 

it was then time to head to the store and open, my first sunday. it's still off season so i was scheduled to be open 12-4. a new friend came by with her boyfriend to play and try things on. which was great as it was pouring, then sunny, then pouring so the street was quiet. well they played and found some things they couldn't live without: sonia, bruce, souchi & a denim dress. it was impossible not to leave with it all as everything looks amazing on monica!!

headed back in the rain walking through town and home to make a big salad & a yummy baguette from midland bakery (yes, i am loving bread again!)

i spent most of the rainy day uploading the website with new items and eliminating things we've sold out of. it was a great day (except jacks 2 last accidents) and now time to read my friend anne zimmermans book, 'an extravagant hunger'. check it out if you haven't already.


*here are some pics from our walk today

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Anne Zimmerman said...

I can't wait to know what you think of my book! xo