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Saturday, May 21, 2011

basalt..........may 21.....

another funny day in basalt. woke up and the smell was incredible: fresh air & the scent of rain, perfection. made me remember the issey miyake perfume i was obsessed with in the mid 90's.

jack and i had an important discussion about how today would be a good day. he wouldn't pee in the house or the store & i wouldn't get frustrated by his faking needing to go potty so he could go eat up all the plants and roll in the dirt. we sealed the discussion with some kisses and he ear nibbling/biting my lobes. and, guess what? it's 6pm and so far we both stuck to the agreement.

the weather was indecisive: pouring windy rain, sunshine, cold, grey skies, puffy white skies. turns out on saturdays in the off season most stores are closed. however, go souchi, i decided to open 10-4. our first customer from yesterday, returned to buy something else today (yeah!) and a cool mom & daughter (who was awesome with jack & tired him out so he slept for 30 min after) and the mom found 2 great souchi starters & a page sargisson necklace. then another woman came in and is deciding between a dress & the souchi batwing. yes, a hard decision because everything she tried on looked great!  lesson today is that it isn't a bad thing to be open on a bad weather day off season.

jack & i closed up about 4:15 when the sky got very dark (fyi, sun is out now!) and we walked thru town towards the post office to mail bills. we crossed the bridge, over the raging river (it may flood since there has been so much snow!!) and then back home. where i then got an email from annie, a new souchi girl, who said her aunt just walked by the store and the alarm was going off. argh

so i head back to the store without jack and the front doors look as if they were pulled to be opened. luckily i was able to push back and not damage the lock. re-do the alarm and head out again and it's pouring rain...POURING! back at home i have super late lunch & jack has dinner & we play fetch (or jacks version, he gets it then runs it back to me & then growls when i try to take it back) and now i'm off to dinner with some girls (i may be old enough to be their moms....maybe the cool aunt).

here are some pics from the walk to the library today. it's very pretty here.


ARGHHHH OR NOT since i somehow deleted them ;(
more tomorrow

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