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Saturday, May 28, 2011

basalt..................may 26 & 27

what great last few days jack and i have had. on thursday, we had a really funny day. mostly, because we had our first puppy training on wednesday night & i learned that training would be the best option for sweet jack. however, i was happy about that because the trainer said it doesn't have to be forever. but to train him to be comfortable that when he does sleep there he won't be sad but would want too. 

however, he was so amazing wednesday night that i was second guessing my child would need to be crated. ha!!  we then went to work thursday and he had a love fest with his girl laila. still acting as a perfect child & i figured his first vet appointment was that night and i'd ask the vet if he needed training. 

in fact, word has spread through eagle county (slight exaggeration...very slight) that there is a beautiful puppy at the new store in basalt. what? you don't believe me? well, the pretty & fabulous, erin, from plum tv stopped by the store to meet jack. yes, she did! lucky for me, she actually liked some souchi and walked out with our awesome organic cotton tiny cami in banana. so cute on her! however, this was after multiple photos of jack. 

we were then visited by logan, chase & their gorgeous baby australian shepherd, laila. who i kid you not is jacks true & first love. it is incredibly sweet how they know each others names. jacks scratches at the door where logan works after hours & tends to whimpers. it's love.

then we were visited by the amazing, frankie (a new customer i absolutely love!) and her friend judy. frankie brought her blonde labradoodle, barry, who decided he should sleep in jacks tiny mesh travel bag, lay on his blanket and eat his treats. ahhh, so cute, since he's about 80lbs & didn't really fit. but poor jack wanted his treats and tried to get them but barry is faster, bigger & did that doggy snap that sent jack scooting across the floor. as usual, all was well in the puppy world at souchi.

so we head to aspen early, so i can meet a new friend, amy, who is opening a new store in aspen. we go to ute bar & restaurant. a yummy reisling, goat cheese & arugula, and hummus & pita. the sun was out and it was pretty, not cold but warm with the sun on you. we sat outside & low and behold, 'hey suzi' we ran into erin from plum tv. it is strange to be here for 10 days and already making friends and running into people. it feels great. jack slept in the car & was completely out when i came back an hour later. he is so so so good! 

we're off to meet caroline, jack's vet at the aspen animal hospital who uses a holistic approach & western medicine. jack made friends, was fantastic, didn't even flinch at his vaccine & besides being super chatty and loud he was incredible. he is 'looking great': long, lean & great coat. yeah, us! 

oh, and yes, she said a crate :( 

so friday am, i went to buy 2 crates (1 for store & 1 for home), 2 beds, 2 exact toys (retrieve game) and tons of chew toys that will stay locked in his crate for only him :) i set the one up at store and within 3 minutes jack was asleep inside! yes, he loves it. he only whimpered once, and that was  because he was inside crate & there was a dog in the store. so far so good.

we stop by to see laila again & go for another walk and then dinner in the home crate. no problem. eating a treat in the crate. no problem. at bedtime i let jack fall asleep on the lil couch (is it? it's tiny!) and then we he was out i put him inside crate AND woke up at 6 this morning. pure perfection!!!!

yeah jack! yeah mom!

happy memorial day weekend. 

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