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Thursday, May 19, 2011

basalt, may 19

ok, it has been a very long week. i am exhausted, nervous & excited. but, did i mention i am beyond tired. not being able to sleep through the night with a puppy who must be teething as he's non-stop chewing, nibbling and biting. plus, he's getting a bit more aggressive in his growling. still sweet as can be but so funny to watch him grow up.

today, the store is painted, racks up, clothes on racks & shelves, 1 mannequin dressed, and table displays ready. what is left is to price most of the merchandise & inventory it. what was i thinking doing this alone?

in all of my years of being in business, moving tons as a kid & an adult, you'd think i'd have the stress down. not to mention, that it always takes twice as long, something is always broken or lost & it's never as quick and simple as you think. but, no, i have yet to learn this! and, i figured it can't be that much harder with a sweet puppy.  naive? denial? insane?

doesn't matter, the store will open at noon tomorrow and i am hoping beyond hope that we can make a success out of souchi basalt. wish us luck. send your friends and family. or just come and visit me and the new souchi ladies.



Anonymous said...

With a little stress comes MUCH SUCCESS! God bless your new adventure. See you in August

nathalie said...

Blessings and Tons of Good Thoughts to you!